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Meet Our New Social Media Intern!

We are excited to announce that this summer we welcome Demi Hughes as our new Social Media summer intern.  Demi is a law student, currently studying at the University of Birmingham, and she is hoping to gain a greater insight into the legal profession, legal recruitment and the importance of commercial awareness gained through the use of social media. During this placement she seeks to expand on and develop our interactions and engagement on social media, whilst using her prior legal knowledge to determine what our audience would like to see.

Demi has previously undertaken work experience with Eversheds and Higgs & Sons, but is looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of legal recruitment with us. She is aware of the struggles that our clients are currently facing as firms are rapidly growing, yet due to the economic downturn there are obvious talent shortages in key transactional areas.  She believes that social media interactions are key to generating brand awareness and developing relationships. Demi hopes to take the skills that she develops here at Santillo Consulting further as she works towards her career in the legal sector.

Demi hopes to develop a career as a solicitor and feels that this internship will give her greater understanding of the importance of marketing and business development within the legal sector, which is key to becoming a successful solicitor. She also believes that working here may give her an insight into demand areas of law, thus enabling her to make an informed decision about what electives to choose and possibly even the area of law that she seeks to practice in the future.

We are really excited to have Demi as part of the team!

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